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Cup Of Glitter - International Book Awards - Finalist (2011)


2011 International Book Award-Winning Finalist and
USA Best Books 2011 Award-Winning Finalist

Sherry enjoys writing stories for children that entertain, educate, motivate and inspire them to reach for their dreams and goals. She has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Education.

She had always hoped for a relationship where she and her husband could work together, pool their talents, and make a difference for children.


God started Sherry and her husband, Robert, on that journey when they met in 2005. Married now for five years, their first book, Cup of Glitter, written by Sherry and illustrated by Robert, has been recognized as an Award-Winning Finalist in the 2011 International Book Awards, and a USA Best Books 2011 Award-Winning Finalist.

Challenged to pursue her dream of writing for children, Sherry wrote the first draft of
Cup of Glitter
in 2005. Not yet confident that the characters had come to life as she hoped, she revised the story a few times before sharing it with anyone. A while later, Robert brought his talents in digital painting to the page and created the visual adventure for Glitter and Dart. Once revised a few more times, the story finally looked and sounded the way the creative team had envisioned. The last step was to create the fairy song, set it to music and create the seek-and-find throughout the pages of the book.

Then came the overwhelming task of getting it published. While researching their options, Sherry and Robert decided to start their own publishing company.
Gilded Magic Publishiing was established in 2009.

Robert is currently writing and illustrating a new book, The Bell Ringer, due out for Christmas 2011.

Sherry is currently searching for and meeting with other potential authors who may want to tell their stories through Gilded Magic. They hope you enjoy Glitter and Dart’s story and that you keep a watch out for the many other stories and products in the works in the years to come.




2011 International Book Award-Winning Finalist (Illustrator) and
USA Best Books 2011 Award-Winning Finalist (Illustrator)

Robert A (big kid at heart) Brubaker is also a multi-media "Jack Of All Trades" who graduated with a Fine Arts Degree from The Ohio State University in 2002 with a primary focus in film and video production.

His skills include professional medium format and digital photography, videography, cinematography, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, visual effects, web design and illustration.


2010 - Robert officially launched Resonant Image Studios, an independent film and video production company that will also produce graphic novels, children's stories, interactive games and web design. Film productions will be based on original screenplays and stories created in-house and through licensed works.


After a lot of prayer and soul searching, Robert and his lovely wife Sherry decided to start Gilded Magic Publishiing in 2009 in an attempt to offer readers a unique blend of original high-quality stories and immersive "eye-catching" graphics.


Collaborating with Sherry K. Brubaker, Robert illustrated Sherry's first picture book entitled "CUP OF GLITTER" which out of eleven countries was recognized as an
Award-Winning Finalist in the 2011 International Book Awards and a USA Best Books 2011 Award-Winning Finalist.


"Sherry and I are absolutely thrilled to receive this honor! Hopefully our customers will have as much fun with Dart and Glitter as I had in illustrating their story. Congratulations Sherry! Thanks for bringing me along on this wonderful, color-filled journey!"

- Robert A. Brubaker, Illustrator


The Bell Ringer, which is the first book where Robert is both writer and illustrator, is a heart-warming holiday story about a young thief who discovers the true meaning of Christmas. Scheduled for release in time for the 2011 holidays The Bell Ringer will include a RADIO TELEPLAY version on CD complete with Hollywood level sound effects, original score and narration.


Robert looks forward to continuing his collaborative efforts with Gilded Magic Publishing, his wife Sherry and many other authors and artists as Gilded Magic Publishing moves toward building a greater inventory of high quality work.




Sherry K. Brubaker
Sherry K. Brubaker

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Robert A. Brubaker - Author / Illustrator

Robert A. Brubaker



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